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Welcome to the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Kansas

Free and Accepted Masons

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From Our Grand Master
Jeffrey L. Boykin Sr. 


Have you ever pondered the question “What do Masons do? Well if you have, the short answer is Service, Brotherhood, and Charity.  Service is the action of helping or doing work with a willing heart for someone.


As Masons, we are to share in each other’s welfare and to help each other become better men. Our tenets guide us in our interactions with each other as we endeavor to apply them to our daily lives. Freemasonry improves the individual who in turn takes an active role in improving their communities.

In the community we support charitable missions and the education of youth. Charity becomes a natural occurrence to a Mason guided by the teachings of Freemasonry.

What do Freemasons do? We make ourselves better men by learning that service is the greatest gift of all.

Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them: if prophecy, in proportion to our faith; if service, in our serving; the one who teaches, in his teaching; the one who exhorts, in his exhortation; the one who contributes, in generosity; the one who leads, with zeal; the one who does acts of mercy, with cheerfulness.

Romans 12:6-8

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